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Although Considered Relatively Unknown As A Destination, The Turks & Caicos Islands Did Show Tourism Figures Of Just Under Ten Thousand Per Year In 1980.In 1981, When Development Plans Where Slowly Being Announced, Tourism Was Recorded (Island Wise) At About 12,000 Per Year-An Increase Of 3.8 Percent Over The Previous Year. In The First Nine Months Of 1986, Tourism In The Turks & Caicos Islands Increased By 80 Percent.

IN Provo, The 1981 Tourism Figures Show A Yearly Total Of 2,460 And A 40% Increase In 1982 With 3,494 Visitors. These Figures Were Recorded Well Before Any Real Development Took Place In The Turks & Caicos Islands. Tourism Has Increased An Average Of 12 1/2 Percent Per Year Since 1990 Bringing Well Over 100,000 Tourists A Year To The Islands.

With The Building And The Operation Of The Proposed Hotels And When There Is Full Development, Tourism In The Turks & Caicos Islands Can Reach Over 400,000 Per Year...Equivalent To The Cayman Island Figures. Over 80,000 Of These Tourists Visited Provo Alone The Past Year.

We Base Our Provo Figures On The Following:

Average Tourism Trends For The Past Five Years. Club Med Figures Of 602 Room Guests And 75% Average Occupancy. (Reports From Club Med Show That There has Been Full Occupancy Or Near Full Occupancy Since The Opening. WE Have However, Allowed For Seasonal Adjustments)

In A Report Released By The British Government Complied By Coopers & Lybranthe On August 12, 1986, A Goal Of 77,000 Tourists And 1400 Beds Would Be Achieved In The Turks & Caicos Islands, By 1992. Upon Its Release, The Report Was Obsolete. Already, The Government Has Approved Over 2,400 Beds For Completion By The Summer Of 1995.

Interesting Fact: Club Med On Provo Had Shown Almost Full Occupancy Since Opening And An Impressive 15% Return Rate Of Previous Guests. After Only 7 Months Of Operation, The Management Announced That Construction Would Begin On 80 Additional Rooms To Meet Projected Demands. That Construction Was Completed In 1986.Eagles Rest Villa's With Only Two Duplexes On Middle Caicos Was Fully Occupied For This Entire Past Season Save For 15 Days Set Aside For Entertaining Prospective Buyers And Investors. Four Of These Clients Have Already Re-Booked A Total Of 8 Weeks For The 1996 Season.

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