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Forget all you have heard or know about Caribbean vacations; Treasure Beach Villas is unlike any vacation anyplace! First of all, we are not a hotel. Each Treasure Beach unit is private, and complete to itself. Our location is superb; on a pure white sandy beach nearly 9 miles in length where the only footprints you are likely to find in the sand are your own; from end to end. One and two bedroom apartments right on the beach barely 10 minutes from the Providenciales International Airport.

All apartment units are elegantly complete down to dishes, linens and full appliances. Our trade winds are so consistent and so cooling there is no need for air conditioning, however we have recently installed air conditioning in the condo's and in the bedrooms only of the beachfront cottages. All units are self-contained units sharing tennis courts, and freshwater swimming pool. In-unit cable television, on premises laundromat. Vacationers at Treasure Beach Villas are allowed a 10% discount from Pride Rent A Car and Island Pride Supermarket.


All along this magnificient beach you will find sea shells, coral heads in waist-deep water for effortless breathtaking snorkeling, and the most uncluttered, pure ivory sand any place in the world! Our water colours are so perfect that you will think them almost artificial. And if you put on a mask & snorkel and bend over to peer into the turquoise sea, you will think you have stepped into a magnificent aquarium. There is no finer location in all of the world to fish, snorkel, skin dive, sail, windsurf, jet-ski or simply lay in the sunshine and soak up our climate.

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Virtually forgotten by time, the island of Providenciales is one of the most perfect "get-away" retreats in all of the world. Yet we are so close to the USA and Canada with seven direct Pan American flights per week as well as seasonal direct flights from places such as Detroit, Toronto, and Montreal. From a native base of 800 souls in 1969, Provo's development has been slow and orderly to the present population of 5,500. And while each of our units contains a full kitchen, you are only minutes away from a wide selection of restaurants offering European, Island and North American selections.

Providenciales, part of the Turks and Caicos Islands, is a British Colony situated just under 600 miles east-southeast of Miami. Our native langusge is English but or local currency is the US Dollar. Our climate is "ideal"; a normal winter daytime high of 84 degrees, overnight lows of 72 degrees; and more than 98% sunshine all year long. Even in the summer, our temperatures are far more mild than the southern US and our humidity virtually non-existent. Entrance to our island requires a passport, a birth cerificate or voter's registration card for US citizens. Nothing could be simpler; no place could be more perfect.

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