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Attention to detail has always been a key philosophy in the evolution of the Peter Hughes business formula. It probably started while he was building an enviable base of satisfied customers at Dive Bonaire in the early 1970s and has carried through two decades of innovative shore based dive operations on Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman Barbados, New Providence, St. Croix and Curacao. Peter Hughes created many services that have become standards in the dive travel industry. Even the heavy emphasis on under water photography and video, so prevalent at dive resorts and live aboards world-wide, was pioneered by Peter Hughes at Dive Bonaire. Given his history of dive operations excellence, it is not surprising this same attention to detail carries through Peter's fleet of live-aboard dive boats. Whether the destination is Palau aboard Sun Dancer, the Turks and Caicos Islands aboard Sea Dancer, Belize aboard Wave Dancer or the Bay Islands aboard Wind Dancer, guests of the Dancer Fleet can rest assured the details of their dive holiday will be taken care of with the utmost care and professionalism.

You can count on impressive sive, seaworthy vessels, clean, tastefully appointed quarters and a staff of accommodating dive professionals. Each of the boats is different and has its own personality and certainly each of the dive destinations has its own specific merits, but all illustrate the high Standards we've come to expect from Peter Hughes. Peter recognized early in his experience with his first live-aboard, Sea Dancer, that divers deserve to dine well. Thus, he has made food and beverage considerations high priorities on all his boats. That translates into abundant food, tastefully prepared and well presented. It means snacks of hot breads, cakes, cookies after the morning dives and wonderful hors d'oeuvres for the afternoon. Beverages are complimentary, including soft drinks, beer, wine and even liquor. However, given the Dancer Fleet's strict policies regarding diver safety, alcohol is for after the diving day is done. As first class as the living and dining amenities are aboard the Dancer Fleet, Peter has never forgotten he is first and foremost a dive operator and he continues the innovations that make diving easier and safer aboard his boats. Underwater, there's Peter's innovative, rigid hang bar for safety stops. Topside, the dive decks are spacious, with tank racks, individual gear storage bins, a large water level dive platform with twin extended ladders, dual freshwater showers, head and a large two-tiered camera table.

Airfills are handled via air compressors below decks to ensure minimal noise intrusion. Watermakers provide ample fresh water and the ship's laundry ensures fresh towels are available after each dive.

In keeping with Peter's dedication to the photo imperative shared by so many of his guests, all Dancers include an E-6 dark- room, sophisticated video editing capabilities, camera and video rental gear, a spacious light table and, of course, a photo pro able to teach photography, shoot custom videos and make the necessary repairs to keep most underwater photo equipment operational.


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Each of the Dancers the Sun Dancer in Palau, Sea Dancer in the Turks and Caicos, Wave Dancer in Belize and Wind Dancer in the Bay Islands provides a memorable vacation. Your only dilemma is choosing one. Actually, that's not even a problem why not try them all?!

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