Grand Turk Diving

The most beautiful blue water you can imagine surrounds Grand Turk. Clear and warm, the turquoise blue turns a deep dark blue just a few hundred yards from shore where the wall drops. Most of the dive sites are on the west side of the island with the reef starting in just 30 feet of water. The reef gently slopes until it reaches about 40 feet then dramatically drops to 7000 feet. Visibility averages 100 feet and the water temperature ranges from 82º-84º in the summer to 78º in the winter.

In Grand Turk you have a good chance of an encounter with many exciting creatures. Giant Manta Rays are frequently seen along the wall during the summer and Humpback whales in the winter. Spotted Eagle Rays cruise the wall and friendly Nassau Groupers are usually there to greet you on every dive. The water is filled with turtles, stingrays, schools of horse-eyed jack, puffers, trumpet fish, snappers and much more. Colorful tube sponges, plate coral and soft coral cover of the wall.

Some of the dive sites to amaze you include the Amphitheater where the coral rises extremely high between deep sand channels and McDonald's, appropriately named for the coral covered arch that two or three divers can swim through. For night divers and macro photographers, the Library, in only 20-30 feet, is rich with coral and fish life and five species of coral can be seen at Black Forest. The Coral Garden is a series of broad ridges covered with healthy corals, particularly hard corals such as Brain Coral. Sea Plums and Searods grow here as well and there are are frequent sightings of Hawksbill turtles.

Gibbs Cay, a small, uninhabited island only a short distance southeast of Grand Turk, with white sand beaches and shallow snorkeling reefs, is ideal for day trips. A great snorkeling spot for Conch .

Salt Cay is a great day trip to the most remote island in all the Turks & Caicos. Lunch and diving included.

Combine the adventure of scuba diving and the thrill of whale watching during the winter months. Oasis Divers offers divers the rare opportunity to see and possibly snorkel with the amazing North Atlantic Humpback whales as they migrate south through the Grand Turk Passage to the Silver Banks and return again. Your guide with the whales, Captain Everette Freites, has years of experience tracking the whales and studying their behavior as they migrate. Inquire about our whale watching packages available January through March.

View a map of the island that shows all of the great wall diving locations, just off the beach of Grand Turk.

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