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History Of The Islands

The Turks & Caicos Islands Discovered By Ponce De Leon In 1512 Comprise an area of About 169 Square Miles. The Capitol Being Grand Turk Which Is Separated From The Caicos Islands By A 22 Mile Wide Deep water Channel Called The Turks Island Passage.

The Turks & Caicos Islands, Formally A Jamaican Dependency Are Now A Part Of The British Crown Colonies, In An Area Commonly Referred To As The West Indies Which Lie Adjacent To The Bahamas,90 Miles North Of The Dominican Republic,450 Miles Northeast Of Jamaica And 575 Miles Southeast Of Miami, Florida. These Islands, Protected By A Reef, Are Just Below The Equator And Thus Offer A Climate Of Consistent Warm Temperature, Low Humidity And Bright Sunshine all Year Round. The Average Temperature Is Between 75 & 85 Degrees With A Constant Northeast Trade Wind That Naturally Moderates The Heat. These Islands Are Considered one of The Best Climate In The Caribbean. Politically, The West Indies Are Fragmented By 13 Independent Countries: A Commonwealth In Voluntary Association With The United States French Speaking Islands That Are An Integral Part Of Metropolitan France; Islands That Form Part Of The Kingdom Of The Netherlands and Several That Are Associated With Great Britain. The Turks & Caicos Islands Became An Established ``Tax Haven ``In 1981 Combining Under This Law All The Positive Aspects Of The Legislation's Of The Cayman Islands, The Bahamas, Bermuda And The Virgin Islands Etc. Besides The Weather, The Islands Offer An Abundance Of Exotic And Magnificent Resort Type Appeals. They Include: The Regions Finest Diving, Fishing And Sailing; Virgin White Sand Beaches, Unexplored Caves With Artifacts Dating Back To The 1600's;Unusual Species Of Marine Creatures; Over 200 Species Of Migratory And Indigenous Birds; Some Of The Most Spectacular Continuous Coral Reefs And Other Features That Are Unique To These Islands. Centuries Old, These Islands Have Been Discovered Only Recently By Developers IN The Last Two Decades. It Was Only In The Last Ten Years That There Have Major Development Trends Emerging, Sparked By Attractive Financial Incentives, A Tax Free Status And Other Such Lures Offered By A Government That Is Aggressively Seeking To Develop These Islands.

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