FAQ on Villas

Arrival Day: Someone will greet you at the airport and will assist you in securing a rental car. The representative will be standing outside the airport terminal and will be holding a sign with your name on it. After your rental car has been picked up, the representative will lead you to the house. Should the number of people in your party and accompanying luggage exceed the capacity of the rental car, they will help you hire a taxi to carry some of the extra people or belongings to the villa. It's a short ride to each villa and the taxi cost will be roughly $5/person.

At the House: The property management representative will also be responsible for giving you an overview of the villa and answering any questions you may have about the island. Each villa also has a reference book of things to do and places to go on the island. This is the time to ask about different excursions or special restaurants you want to visit.

Privacy: The reasons why you and visitors come to these villas are for rest, relaxation and fun while retaining a level of privacy. Please be considerate of others while out walking, hiking, and swimming in the area. Occasionally someone may stop by your villa to maintain the pool or ensure you have plenty of water. If this is an inconvenience, ask property management to arrange for a specific time to have the maintenance done.

Telephone: The phone number of the house is written on the inside of the telephone book, along with other important numbers. If you are calling a local number on the island just dial the last five digits. To make a long distance call, dial 1-800-877-8000 and wait for an operator to assist you with a credit card call. Visa Mastercard and American Express are accepted. For an AT&T;(or various other calling cards), dial 1-800-877-8000.

Television: The house is connected to cable service and you will receive over 30 cable channels. The local channel is 4 and periodically carries information about services available on the island, things to do, and special festivals or events.

Stereo: There is a stereo system at each house, so bring along those favorite CDs or tapes. We also have some excellent FM stations featuring classical, country, easy listening and pop favorites. And, of course, the local radio station for reggae and Caribbean music.

Water: Tap water is a combination of rainwater caught on the roof and desalinated water which is delivered to the house. The water is safe to drink. If you prefer bottled or mineral water there are a wide variety available at the grocery store. In the unlikely event that you run out of water, please call property management. Please bear in mind that you are visiting an island and its environment is fragile. Water is a very precious commodity and we would be appreciative if you were conservative in your usage.

Electricity: As with water, it's important to conserve electricity on this island. Please turn off lights and fans when you are out on your excursions during the day.

Food and Beverage: Upon your arrival there will typically be some staples in the cupboard and refrigerator. Please help yourself to anything you wish. Some of the villas offer welcome gifts of wine, beer or mineral water. Upon your departure, leave whatever you wish. Please remember that food left on the counters and in open boxes will attract ants. If in doubt, keep the food in the fridge.

Getting Around: While taxis are widely available on the island, we strongly recommend that you rent a car. A number of car and motorcycle rental agencies are available on the island. We can make prior reservations for a car, jeep or scooters via our reservation center as well as fishing and scuba diving. Remember to drive on the LEFT side of the road and watch out for those folks who forget. Also be careful, especially at night, many natives walk or ride their bikes as a means of transportation. The island pace is slow so take your time and enjoy the scenery.

Cleaning: The villa will be cleaned before your arrival and after your stay. A light cleaning will be done mid-week during your stay. If you desire daily room service, please let us know in advance.

Garbage: There is no garbage collection on the island. Garbage should be deposited in the waste can provided with each villa. If you want to arrange pick-up of trash during your stay please call property management. If you are feeling civic, you can drop off your trash at the refuse depository on South Dock Road. For anyone staying along Sapodilla or Taylor Bay, this is on the way into town and there is no charge.

Critters: There are a number of wild cats and dogs on the island. While it may break your animal loving heart, please DO NOT FEED THEM. No matter how heart wrenching the pleas, these animals should not be fed under any circumstances.

The villas are regularly checked and sprayed for various small creatures that make the island their home. Occasionally, however, you may encounter some of these critters, best efforts not withstanding. Do not be alarmed, as they are harmless; and indeed, lizards help keep the bug population under control. Please remember to keep the screen doors closed and you'll probably never have one visiting you. Occasionally after a heavy rain or if the trade winds die down (not very often), you'll get a few mosquitoes or sand fleas (no see ums). Make sure you bring some insect repellent.

Sun: The sun can be pretty treacherous any where in the Caribbean, please make sure you bring some sun block or buy it at the local store. We want to make sure your visit is a long and comfortable one…

Baby cribs: A crib can be made available for any of the villas. Just let us know in advance so that it is ready on your arrival.

Baby-sitting Services: For those couples who need some get away time baby sitting services are available. There is also a "kids vacation club" that offers wonderful day or week long recreational programs for visiting children.

Checking Out: Check out time for each villa is 11:30 a.m. If you are flying with American Airlines they accept check-ins as early as 9:00 a.m. We suggest that you leave the villas at 11:30 a.m. and go directly to the airport to check-in and obtain your boarding pass. You are then free to do whatever you wish (lunch, shop, return your rental car) until your departure time. Because your flying out on an international flight, American Airlines recommends being at the airport approximately 1 1/2 hours before your departure time. Also remember to leave approximately 1/2 hour to return your rental vehicle.

Deposit Policy: Once you have phoned, faxed or emailed in your reservation to us, you have a two week (10 business days) grace period to send in your deposit. If we do not receive your deposit within two weeks, your hold on the property will be subject to cancellation without further notice. The initial deposit required is one-half the rent to confirm and guarantee your reservation. The balance of rent and damage deposit, if applicable, are due at least 45 days prior to your arrival. Your first payment (deposit) will be applied towards the total rent. At this date payments are generally wire transfers or cashier checks sent via Express Mail carriers. If the demand is significant we will evaluate implementing secure tansactions online. Please let us know if you require a special payment plan, we will do our very best to accommodate your special need. Cancellations will be honored if made outside of the 45 days prior to your arrival, less 10% administration fee. Cancellations made within 45 days of your arrival may be subject to forfeiture of 100% of your total rent, unless we are able to rebook your rental dates. Naturally, we'll always do our best to fill the dates which must be canceled for whatever reason, so that a partial refund can be made to you without loss to the owner. Refund arrangements depend largely on the amount of notice given to us of the cancellation, and on the time of the year. The owners will be happy to reschedule your rental to another time within 12 months of your original booking date. There will be a nominal charge of $100 for re-scheduling for administrative expenses incurred. As with any major international vacation, we highly recommend cancellation insurance available through most travel agents or AAA organizations. No refunds may be given for early departure unless there is a problem which cannot be cured and that causes our guests discomfort or a serious inconvenience.

Damage Deposits: Generally damage deposits apply to visitors bringing pets or large groups. These deposits are negotiable to fit your specific situations. When a damage deposit is required they are fully refundable to you within 30 days of your departure, provided there is no breakage, damage, missing items, or long-distance calls charged to the house phone. All normal utilities (except long distance or fax calls) are included in your rental price. Water is a scarce commodity on this island, please watch your usage. If you notice leaks, please notify the property manager quickly.

Lastly, enjoy the house and the our beautiful islands...rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

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