Discover the Charm of Grand Turk

Grand Turk has maintained the charm of small islands to which people long to escape. Only seven miles long, one mile wide, and the wall starting just 300 yards from shore, this quaint island is the ideal location for a dive vacation.

The political capital of the Turks & Caicos Islands for over 400 years, many historical features still line the roads of Grand Turk to make you feel as though you've stepped back in time. Skeletons remain of the old windmills used to dry the salt in the salt ponds, old cannons still stand guard on Front Street and the classic Bermudan architecture still graces many of the buildings. Each building has a walled courtyard meant to keep wandering donkeys and horses from dining on the yard, and the old lighthouse still stands at the north end of the island.

The people of Grand Turk add to the charm of the island, always there to greet you with a friendly wave and smile. Life is at a different pace in this paradise. No busy streets, no fast food chain or commercialized atmosphere here.

There are many things to do in Grand Turk after diving to continue your relaxing vacation. Take a leisurly stroll down historic Duke Street, relax in a shady courtyard or garden terrace pub. Ride bikes around the island, go horseback riding, deep sea fishing, go shell hunting or enjoy a friendly chat and snack of "Rythm Pills" (conch fritters) at Peanuts on Front Street, or you can try to capture the perfect picture of the island Flamingos.

The Turks & Caicos National Museum, located on Grand Turk, is filled with exhibits of tools, pottery and artifacts excavated from the Molasses Reef Wreck. The museum's natural history room offers scuba divers an explanation on how the breath-taking walls and reef of Grand Turk were formed. A full-sized recreation of a portion of the reef is complete with the corals, crustaceans and fish.

Grand Turk is located just 575 southeast of Miami, only 90 minutes by plane.


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