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Climate: The Turks and Caicos Islands are arid compared to many other islands in the Caribbean. In the winter the weather is generally in the 70 - 80 degree range. The temperatures easily climb into the 90 degrees during the summer. The island gets less than 50 inches of rainfall a year. Most rainfall occurs during the hurricane months of summer. Sunshine and breezy cooling winds are the norm in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Accommodations: Please Call Dick Zebo @ 1-800-645-1179 To Confirm Availability At The Resort / Accommodation Of Choice....

Airlines: After You Have Confirmed Availability With Dick Zebo Of The Resort / Accommodation of Choice , Call our Turks & Specialist @ 1-800-724-3885 and ask for Chris or Karin Patrick...Unless a charter is available from your local city you need to fly through Miami, Florida, USA. The point of entry is Providenciales. American Airlines has at least one flight a day between Miami and Providenciales. Flight time from Miami to Provo is one and one/half hour. During high season American Airlines offers 2 flights a day.   Northwest flys a direct flight to Provo every Sunday out of Detroit . Charters out of New York are also available and Lynx Air offers flights three times a week direct to Grand Turk out of Ft. Lauderdale... Call us direct on this one. Direct flights to Provo arrive every Sunday from Toronto for our Canadian cousins....

At the time of this writing a variety of charters were planned for high season from Detroit, Michigan; Boston, Massachusetts; Montreal and Ottawa, Canada; and Italy during the summer. Ask your local travel agent about charter availability. Flights to outlying islands, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and Cuba are available via InterIsland Airways, Sky King, Turks and Caicos Airways.

Entry Requirements: Vacationers from the US and Canada can enter with either a passport or Original birth certificate with one photo ID card. Visitors from other countries are required to show a valid passport plus a return airline ticket.

Custom Regulations: In the past the customs process was rather lax. That is no longer true today. Besides tourism, taxes on importing goods is a major source of revenue for this country. Vacationers are allowed to bring in one carton of cigarettes or cigars, one bottle of liquor and some perfume. In addition your personal items and affects, vacationers can bring in up to $50 dollars worth of these items beyond their clothing and accessories for their stay. Anything declared beyond this is subject to taxes of 10-30% based on the type of items declared. Firearms, spear guns, drugs and pornographic materials are forbidden and will be seized.

Upon Arrival: Be sure to pick up a free copy of the monthly issue of " When , Where & How " at the airport information desk as it is the most informative source of information available on resorts, villas, condos, restaurants, watersports and other activies including info on all of the Islands and a movie guide to boot.

Transportation: Having a car on Provo is highly recommended and essential to exploring the entire island. While taxis are available you'll just as well have a car. Royal Caribbean Services has shuttles available to all hotels, condo's & villa's, Simply present the driver with a prepaid coupon provided by calling 800-645-1179 to reserve in advance. TC National & Budget Rent A Car offer rentals. TC National Will Pick You Up At The Airport Upon Arrival If Reserved In Advance. You will have to take a taxi to Budget from the airport to their offices and office hours are limited. Call us for beeper info @ 800-645-1179. Provo Rent A Car is within walking distance from the airport and open when all flights are scheduled for arrival and departure. Car rentals are also available through Rent a Buggy and Tropical Auto Rentals. You can also rent scooters from Provo Fun Cycles or Scooter Bobs. To rent a scooter you need to be at least 18 years old. To rent a car you need to be at least 21 or 23 years old depending on the car agency. In all cases you need a valid drivers license from your home country. Also bear in mind that this is a British colony so all driving is on the left hand side of the road. If you choose to use a taxi, negotiate the fare in advance.

 Budget Rent a Car - Phone: On Provo 809/94-64079; fax: 94-64108

hertzlogo.gif (2557 bytes) Or in or U.S.A or Canada - 800-645-1179

Royal Caribbean Services - ( Pre-Arranged Airport Shuttle To Resorts ) In U.S. 800-645-1179

Provo Rent A Car - Phone: 809/94-64404; fax: 809/94-64993
Rent a Buggy - Phone: 809/94-64158
Tropical Auto Rentals - Phone: 809/94-65300; fax 809/94-65456
TC National Car Rental - Phone: 800-645-1179

Language: English is the predominant language. However the island has a very large expat base and a variety of languages are heard and spoken on the island including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swiss and Turkish.

Sounds of the Islands

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Economy: Their economy is based on tourism and offshore financial services as well as resort development and real estate sales for the adventurous who wish to join us in this island paradise.

Population: 12,230 total for all Turks and Caicos Islands.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time in the summer and Daylight Savings Times during the winter.

Electricity: 110 volt/60 cycle. Most appliances from the US work. Visitors from European countries should bring converters.

Currency: US Dollar. Traveler checks and charge cards are readily accepted by most merchants.

Banks and hours: The two major banks on the island is Barclays and Bank of Nova Scotia. Banking hours are Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Friday 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Medical Care: Is generally very favorable should you come down with a cold, flu or minor injury. Individuals with major illnesses/injuries can be airlifted to Grand Turk, Nassau, Bahamas; or Miami. Provo maintains a recompression chamber for scuba divers who get the bends.


Grocery Stores: Three grocery stores are available for stocking up on supplies. The largest is the IGA on Leeward Highway. Island Pride and Quality Supermarket are located in the downtown area along Leeward Highway. You'll find smaller convenience stores scattered across the island.

Liquor Stores: Carib West, Crown Liquors, Discount Liquors and Tipsy Turtle are the major locations for buying liquor on island. Carib West is located close to the airport. Crown Liquors is in the Bluehills settlement area. Discount Liquors is located close to the IGA supermarket on Leeward Highway. Tipsy Turtle is located in Turtle Cove.

Telephone Service: Telecommunications is excellent. All overseas calls require a charge card for billing. The Internet Service Provider is CaribSurf.

Postal Service: Generally postal service is poor. Many of the natives actually fly into Miami to mail letters and cards to friends. If you need to send or receive important mail, have it shipped via Federal Express or DHL.

Crime: The Turks and Caicos Islands has one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean. You can stroll any where any time of the day and night. However, use common sense. Don't leave valuables in plain view in your car. Lock both your car and the villa when you leave on excursions. In other words, don't invite theft.

Departure Tax: $15 US Dollars. Very few direct taxes exist on this island other than customs duties and departure. A one time stamp tax is levied against real estate transactions. Hotels do charge a government tax on stays.

Clothing: The rule is casual!!!! You might want to bring a nice skirt or sun dress & pair of shorts for a night out. Do bring a sunhat and protection against the rays. We also recommend that you bring a light sweater or jacket in the event you run into a breezy evening out.

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