The Meridian Club

Pine Cay

Turks & Caicos Islands in the British West Indies.

Despite its virtual anonymity, Pine Cay lies just 560 miles southeast of Miami and 90 miles

north of Hispaniola. The 800 acre cay offers two miles of talcum powder beach, and is graced

year round by soothing trade winds, tropical temperatures and low humidity.

Some say that Columbus filled his water pots from Pine Cays fresh-water ponds during his

quest for the new world. In the centuries that followed, countless mariners

and marauders no doubt did the same. Yet despite Pine Cay's location on a much navigated trade

route, its only permanent settlement seems to have been an Arawak Indian Village dated at

around 800 A.D. Then , in the late 1960's, a scholar turned-dreamer set out to create an Island

escape which eventually became the Meridian Club. Today, the Club is owned by Pine Cay's owners.

A small group of individuals, dedicated to preserving the island in its undisturbed state.

Undisturbed by automobiles, television, radio's and ringing telephones, you are left to

enjoy the islands abundant natural pleasures.

Surrounding waters ( which average a pleasant 75 to 80 degree's ) team with friendly fish and varied marine life. Under-water visability exceeds 100 feet with miles of coral within easy reach.

Ashore, Pine Cay is covered with palmetto's and pines and seven fresh water ponds.

Tropical birds, lizards, and iguana's share the largely untouched portion of the island.

There are 12 beach suites set among undisturbed stretches of sand dunes, sea oats and sea grapes.

Each Suite features a private patio with outdoor rinsing shower, plus separate sitting, sleeping

and dressing areas. In addition, private homes dot the island, several of which are available for rent.


You can fish, snorkel, shell, play tennis, relax with family members or just catch up on that novel

you have always been trying to find time to read...... AND DINE TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT






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