Important Information Concerning International Flights

Reconfirmation Of Reservations:

It is the responsibility of the ticketed passenger to reconfirm reservations at least 72 hours before departure. Reservations not reconfirmed are subject to cancellation without refund.

To reconfirm in Florida, call Lynx office 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Saturday, at: 954-772-9808; in Cap Hatien, (509) 62-1836; in the Turks and Caicos Islands, (809) 946-1971.

Cancellations Of Reservations:

Reservations can be canceled or changed without penalty until 72 hours before departure. Cancellation or change less than 72 hours prior to departure will be subject to a 25% penalty. Tickets canceled within 24 hours of departure (including late arrivals and non-arrivals) are not refundable. Tickets are not transferable. Any ticket holder with an "Open" return MUST confirm 72 hours prior to returning on a flight. An "Open" return not confirmed would result in a stand-by position. No refunds will be issued for lost tickets.

Check-In Time:

You must arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to departure. Late arrivals are subject to cancellation without refund. Our Florida flights will be leaving from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Terminal 3.

Baggage Limitations:

Each passenger is permitted 65 pounds checked baggage at no charge. Any baggage above 65 pounds is considered "excess baggage" and is chargeable at a rate of $1.20 per pound. Excess baggage over 265 is chargeable at $2.50 per pound. Excess baggage must be paid at check-in. Only cash is accepted at the counter, since credit card validation is not available. No checks, unless previous approved by management. Excess baggage cannot be sent C.O.D. It is possible excess baggage may not be placed on the flight with the passenger. If this is the case, the excess baggage will be held and sent on the next available flight. We cannot guarantee the date of its arrival due to changing passenger loads, but every effort is made to place items on the next flight.

Carry-On Items:

Each passenger is allowed one carry-on item approximately 10 pounds and no larger than 17" X 14" X 8".

Baggage Information:

  1. Liability for loss, damage to, or delay in delivery of passenger-checked baggage shall be limited to proven value of the property, not to exceed $9.07 per pound per passenger on international flights and not to exceed $200 in value.
  2. Lynx Air accepts no liability for any unchecked baggage, including carry-on articles.
  3. Money, negotiable papers, securities, vital medicines, jewelry, silverware, precious metals, sporting goods, cameras, lenses and other similar valuables will not be accepted as checked baggage and Lynx Air will not be liable for injury resulting from the theft, loss, damage or delay of such valuables which are included in the passenger checked baggage.
  4. Lynx Air is not a party to any interline baggage and ticketing agreements with any other private or commercial transportation companies (i.e.; air carriers, bus companies, taxi, limousines, courtesy cars, rental cars, seagoing vessels, etc.). All baggage being transferred to or from Lynx Air flights by such carriers, with or without the consent of the passenger, shall be at the passenger own risk.
  5. Lynx Air accepts liability only for bags checked by the passenger who must show a baggage receipt as proof of check-in.


All vital medicines must be hand-carried by the passenger. Lynx Air assumes no liability for medical complications and/or expenses resulting in such medicines being included in checked baggage.

Limited Release:

Lynx Air will accept cloth, canvas, vinyl, etc. (generally any soft sided luggage) as checked baggage, but accepts no liability due to damage of this type of luggage.

Higher Value Declaration:

Lynx Air does not provide for or make available provisions for passengers to declare a higher valuation for checked baggage above the legal limits stated. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain, prior to departure, additional insurance coverage. Such coverage can usually be obtained through travel agents, tour operators or independent insurance agents.

Filing A Claim:

Notice of claim for loss, damage to, or delay of passenger-checked baggage must be made in person and in writing with Lynx Air or its contracted representative, within four (4) hours at the destination airport served by Lynx Air. Damaged baggage must be verified by a Lynx Air representative before it leaves the airport. Baggage taken from the airport will be considered as having been received in good condition.


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