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Although Visited By Christopher Columbus In 1498 And Ponce De Leon In 1512, The Turks & Caicos Islands Have Been Relatively Undiscovered But, The Area Is Beginning To Be Noticed Quite Rapidly Primarily Because Of Its Mystery And Its Very Secrets, For Example In 1980, The International Media Reported The Finding Of Christopher Columbus Ship, The Pinta, Which Disappeared, It Was Believed, in The Caicos Area Around 1500 To 1515. It Was The News Of The Ship And The Many Other Still Undiscovered Recorded Shipwrecks That Have Made People World Wide Ask: ``Where Are The Turks & Caicos Islands?''.

Slowly The Tourists Are Noticing That Besides The Ideal Climate (70-90 Degrees.)The Turks And Caicos Islands Offer So Much Exotic Natural Beauty And Mystique. Like The 200 Miles Or So Of Unspoiled Beaches And Some Of The Most Spectacular Continuous Reefs or The Breathtaking Sights Of The Endless Ocean And Midnight Moon.

And The Sea Itself, Relatively Virgin And Unchartered, Offers Hundreds Of ``Secrets.'' According To One Writer: ``The Unusual Species Of Marine Creatures Migrating Through These Waters Include Humpback Whales And Giant Mantas And A Roster Of Pelagic Gamefish. There Are Stationary Reef Creatures Which Exist In Astonishing Numbers Less Than A Mile Off The Coasts Of Every Island In This Chain...That Flabbergasts Even Serious Professional Fisherman. "It Is A Divers Paradise And Is Considered One Of The Top Ten Diving Spots In The World. According To One Writer: ``You Could Dive Every Day Of The Year Here And See A Different Sight And Different Marine Life Every Day On Each Dive.

For The Sportfisherman, There Are Blue Marlin In Excess Of 450 Pounds, Bonefish That Will Tear Your Arms Off, Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo And A Host Of Other Teasing Gamefish, Not To Mention Hugh Lobsters, There For The Taking In Season.

For Those Who Crave Sailing Adventures, The Turks & Caicos Islands Offer The Excitement, The Mystery And The Magnificence Of Wide Territory, Beauty And ``Dozens Of Crusoe-Like Specks For Very Private Sailing Adventures.''

Middle Caicos Offers Mammoth Caves With Carvings Dating Back To The 1600's, Spanish Silver Coins Minted 1500-1512 Still Lost And Arawak Artifacts Among The Many Treasures Still Waiting To Be Discovered. The Caves In Middle Caicos Are Vast And Breathtaking With Huge Chambers And Underground Saltwater Pools. There Are Also 200 Species Of Migratory And Indigenous Birds Including Flamingos.

The Caicos Islands, It Was Described, Is For Those Incurably Curious Or Daringly Adventurous People Who Want To Experience The Exotic. Perhaps, It Is Just As Important, That The Island People Are Extremely Friendly And They Sincerely Want To Please Island Guests.

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