Liability, Payment, and Cancellation Policy of the Caribbean Paradise Inn

Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

Caribbean Paradise Inn makes every effort to provide outstanding services of high quality at very competitive rates. A cost effective way of doing business can only be assured, if high occupancy with scheduled bookings can be achieved.

By booking accomodation with Caribbean Paradise Inn, the guest hereby authorizes Caribbean Paradise Inn to charge to the presented credit card all deposits, payments and all outstanding balances as per the submitted invoice and final settlement of this account. The guest also acknowledges Caribbean Paradise Inn is entitled to charge a 30% deposit on the net room rate for the requested time of stay. The deposit will be balanced with the total charges on departure. If Caribbean Paradise Inn agrees prior to the transaction, funds can also be made available by personal cheques, money transfer, and cash payments in US-Dollar.

The booking is confirmed and guaranteed from the point in time on, when the requested deposit has been credited to the account of Caribbean Paradise Inn.

The refund policy in case of cancellations is as follows:

The reason for cancellation is solely an issue for the booking party. Caribbean Paradise Inn cannot be hold liable for any circumstance, which does not allow for arrival and use of the provided accomodation.

The guest of Caribbean Paradise Inn agrees to remain personably liable for the payment of the account including all losses to the supplied contents of the room, damages other than normal wear and tear, repairs due to abuse and / or misuse, long distance calls, air conditioning and refrigerator content if applicable.

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